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Showcase 8

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Ojos Que No Ven (What the Eye Doesn’t See)

Genre: Comic Drama  |  Director: Natalia Mateo
Length: 15 min.  |  Country of Origin: Spain

When Grandpa passes away on Christmas Eve, his well-meaning children decide not to tell their ailing mother.

Check Out

Genre: Drama  |  Director: Bobby Marinelli
Length: 10 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

A young woman with Down Syndrome proves that she is more than clever enough for a promotion at the grocery.

A True Friend

Genre: Comedy  |  Director: Justin Snyder
Length: 6 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

Sometimes, your best friend asks you to help with the worst ideas.

The Garden of Steven

Genre: Comic Drama  |  Director: Chris Keener
Length: 24 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

A hapless missionary stumbles upon the road to salvation with the help of a Mayan girl, a magic woman, and a saint with a cigar.

Walking the Earth

Genre: Expiremental  |  Director: Vasili Tsybulka
Length: 2 min.  |  Country of Origin: Republic of Belarus

Until you walk a mile in another man’s shoes, you can’t imagine his world.


Genre: Comedy/Animation  |  Director: David Uloth
Length: 3 min.  |  Country of Origin: Canada

Reading a magazine can be a guilty getaway, unless you are interrupted by a major pest.

Wyrzutki (Castaways)

Genre: Documentary  |  Director: Slawomir Grunberg and Tomasz Wisniewski
Length: 18 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

On the train to the Treblinka death camps, dozens of Jewish children were thrown from the rail cars in hopes of survival.

Waves of Grain

Genre: Experimental,Animation  |  Director: Keith Skretch
Length: 2 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

A block of wood was planed down one layer at a time and photographed at each pass.

Line of Sight

Genre: Documentary  |  Director: Stephen Menick
Length: 7 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

John Bramblitt lost the his eyesight to epilepsy, but never his vision to paint.

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