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Showcase 4

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Plvs Vltra

Genre: Drama  |  Director: Manuel Rios-Zertuche
Length: 7 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

In the not-so-distant future, your dreams will be managed. Defy the order!

Sanzaru (Diffusion of Responsibility)

Genre: Dramedy  |  Director: Adam Sinclair
Length: 15 min.  |  Country of Origin: Malaysia

“Diffusion of Responsibility” is a phenomenon where people are less likely to help a stranger if surrounded by others.

Zombi (Zombie)

Genre: Comic Drama  |  Director: David Moreno
Length: 13 min.  |  Country of Origin: Spain

Suffering from Alzheimer’s, a grandfather prefers death to living like the undead.


Genre: Comedy  |  Director: Ian Gelfand
Length: 8 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

Growing up is hard to do. That’s why Casey McElveen never even tried.

Old Lady Luck

Genre: Comedy  |  Director: Bradley Conomy
Length: 7 min.  |  Country of Origin: Australia

To raise money for her family’s birthday cards,  a grandmother puts her faith in old Lady Luck.


Genre: Drama  |  Director: Rodrigo Monterray
Length: 16 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

In his desire for fame, a teen actor chooses not to tell his mother the truth about an upcoming movie role.

Cats in Space

Genre: Comedy  |  Director: Robert Dastoli
Length: 2 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

The future of the universe lies in the paws of a brave cat crew.


Genre: Mockumentary  |  Director: Mikhail Mestetskiy
Length: 11 min.  |  Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Soviet scientists in the 1950s attempt to create shorter citizens — with opposition from the shoe industry.

Building Magic

Genre: Documentary  |  Director: Kal Toth
Length: 10 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

Self-taught Mario the Magician entertains children through his creative approach to his craft.

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