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Showcase 2

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The Uprising

Genre: Thriller  |  Director: Roberta Marie Munroe
Length: 7 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

Family comes first, especially in a zombie-infested world.

Sit With Me

Genre: Drama  |  Director: Melvin Chan
Length: 7 min.  |  Country of Origin: Singapore

Alone in a foreign land, a down-on-his-luck businessman discovers humanity through an unlikely meeting.

The Morning After

Genre: Comedy  |  Director: David Renaud
Length: 15 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

A woman wakes up naked beside a sexy stranger — with no recollection of the previous night’s events.

Un Ojo (Eye)

Genre: Animation  |  Director:
Length: 5 min.  |  Country of Origin: Mexico

After accidentally scratching it from his face, a boy must chase his rolling eyeball through a series of perils.

The Man Who Lived on His Bike

Genre: Expiremental  |  Director: Guillaume Blanchet
Length: 3 min.  |  Country of Origin: Canada

Is life so fast paced that we must live our lives while still in the saddle?

We Are Not Slaves

Genre: Drama  |  Director: Ainur Askarov
Length: 15 min.  |  Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Besieged in Leningrad during World War II, the class outsider makes a brave call.

The Donor

Genre: Documentary  |  Director: Scott Lunt
Length: 8 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

Unexpected consequences arise when a gay man offers to help his lesbian friends conceive.

Moving Day

Genre: Comedy  |  Director: Chad Darnell
Length: 10 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

Davis and Violet move in together after only dating for two weeks. He has a nice house; she… does not.


Genre: Drama  |  Director: Jeremy Ball
Length: 13 min.  |  Country of Origin: Canada

A young Arctic hunter’s search for food takes her beyond a sacred boundary and into a terrifying discovery.

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