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Showcase 15

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El Último Consejo (The Last Council)

Genre: Comic Drama  |  Director: Itandehui jansen
Length: 12 min.  |  Country of Origin: Mexico

When the old guard passes responsibility to a new one, a small town’s fortune is lost.


Genre: Animation  |  Director: Gabriel Garcia
Length: 14 min.  |  Country of Origin: Brazil

Ed has an extraordinary life, with many loves and adventures. So why would he want to end it?

Beyond Belief

Genre: Comic Drama  |  Director: William Stribling
Length: 19 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

An aging magician has a chance to transform his miserable life into a happy one.

Pishto Goes Away

Genre: Animation  |  Director: Sofya Kendel
Length: 9 min.  |  Country of Origin: Russian Federation

A farmer’s dog coaxes his owner back to a small town and shows him the importance of a simple life.

Sufferin’ Till You’re Straight

Genre: Animation  |  Director: David Scheve
Length: 3 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

3 Animation Schoolhouse Rock meets the Stonewall Riots.


Genre: Drama  |  Director: H.F. Crum
Length: 12 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

A drug cartel’s reign of terror  forces a reclusive narco-blogger out of the shadows and into the fight.


Genre: Comedy  |  Director: Peter Kimball
Length: 7 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

Opening your son’s bedroom door is always a surprise…

Marking the Distance

Genre: Animation  |  Director: The Rauch Brothers
Length: 3 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

Gweneviere Mann navigates through life after losing her short-term memory.

Uisce Beatha (Whiskey/Water of Life)

Genre: Drama  |  Director: Shaun O Connor
Length: 8 min.  |  Country of Origin: Ireland

The true story of a young man who leaves rural Ireland to cross the ocean on the ill-fated Titanic.

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